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Edutron The Powerful School Management Software !

School Management Software offered by Edutron is a web based software application used for managing day to day operations. It eases the workflow of school’s operations and maintains centralized tracking system of all business functions. It allows the data to be accessed virtually from anywhere on internet with secured login access and password.

Discover the features of School Management Software !

Enquiry Management, Enquiry Follow-Up and Reminders

You can collect all relevant details of a lead such as personal details, contact details and interest for class. You can categorize the lead on the basis of source of enquiry such as via telephonic, email, walk-in, News Paper, social sites etc. You may filter the reports by counsellor name, by Branch wise, class wise, the type of source, by date of enquiry and many more choices. You can also follow-up of enquiries and update status easily. There are easy options available to next follow-up action along with date and time. The system maintains all log details of all the past follow-ups activities. System generates enquiry list of pending follow-up and current date follow-up to take action

Admission Management

We manage all relevant data of students such as personal details, mobile number, E-mail id, academic details, previous qualifications, others achievement and any other special info as necessary. We keep adding more choices based on customer needs if it has wide application in our system. Edutron allows you to filter in student manage list by branch wise, class wise, section wise, date of admission, user name and many more choices. There are automatically send SMS update to both student and parents.

Class Management and Section Management

Class management helps to create different types of class for each branch defining the start and end dates. You can define separate fee of each class. You can pre fill all the fees details of each class as well as create instalment packages. This makes your enrolment task extremely easy as almost 90% information is readily available at the time of admission, saving the time of staff as well as students. Section management helps to create multiple sections for each class defining the start and end dates. If a section combined with two or more classes then you can tag one section with multiple classes.

Fees Management and Fee Collection

Edutron allow managing two type of fee such as discountable fees and non discountable fees. There are options to manage pre-formatted instalment options of every class. You can also manage different types of discount type to give discount of students in rupees or percentage.

Edutron allows you to make entry of partial payments and prominently displays the balance payment due. You can update records for mode of payment such as Cash, Cheque, Bank Transfer or Credit/Debit Card using online payment gateway. In case the cheque is dishonoured, you can update the status of the cheque thus reversing the payment status.

Outstanding/Upcoming Fees Reminder

Edutron manage prioritized student's outstanding instalment list. It is easy for accounts department to follow-up the students and records update automatically when fees are collected. There are a facility to send reminder SMS to students and parent of overdue and upcoming instalment due fees. You can configure this option if you want to send SMS to selected class, section or students as per the business criteria applicable.


Every business needs most updated and real time reporting. Edutron provide flexible and easy to use reports section. It allows generating flexible reports that helps the school owners and business managers to take timely decisions and corrective actions on various aspects of the business. The reports includes enquiry manage list, enquiry follow-up list, students manage list, instalment collection list, outstanding fee reminder list, admission cancelation list, active class list, active section list etc.

Accounts Management

Edutron provides basic accounting features such as receipt voucher, contra voucher, payment voucher, journal voucher, daybook, cash/bank book, ledger, trail balance, balance sheet, bank reconciliation statement, account receivable, account payable etc. You can view the total income and total expenditure at a glance in profit & loss account and total assets and total liabilities in balance sheet. There is option to export data from tally software and import in to our student management software. And also export data from our student management software and import in to tally software. This is very user full feature to manage accounting in better manner.

Staff Login Access

In any organization there will be various users performing various roles. Each user will have different types of responsibilities and thus the software allows you to manage them through access level control mechanism. You can create many numbers of users as they need and there is no restriction on it.

Attendance Record

Edutron also provides facility for marking attendance of students in online (Biometric Attendance) or offline mode. Individual student report can be viewed at one place like total absentee and total present. Report can be customised using the filters according to class & section. There are perfect solution for any size of organization with multiple branches and many students. Using attendance module you can build of daily/monthly attendance. After the attendance is marked, the SMS is automatically sent to student/parent for informing.

Exam Management and Performance Report

Create and manage exam schedule at ease. You can send Exam timetable with venue details using personalized SMS to all students and parents. SMS Notification sent to student and parent on declaration of result. There is facility to upload all results using excel file. The result management feature enables you to analyze the performance of each student with details such as Score, Rank, Percentage, Percentile, Accuracy, subject wise marks obtained, correct questions, incorrect questions, left questions in graphical and statistical view. Student also compare own result with topers result.

Custom SMS

There is option to manage Bulk SMS for communication with the students & staff with any of the urgent or important messages or birthday greetings. The automatic SMS system sent SMS to student & parent of every activity such as add enquiry, admission, fee payment, any profile updating etc. Also send SMS to single or group for respective actions such as overdue payment reminder, upcoming payment reminder, Exam has been schedule, results are declared etc. All sent SMS are stored in students/parent login section. Edutron maintain all SMS records which had sent to student and parent.

Student / Parent Login

Student zone displays detailed information about student profile, total fees & instalment, paid fees, outstanding fees, Attendance View, test schedules and results Performance report graphically. There is also a “Notice Board” module where a student can find all the messages/ notices/ warnings sent by institute. Also view all lectures details like today’s lectures, completed lectures and upcoming lectures subject wise.

Lecture Managment

Edutron give option to manage lectures. You can create multiple lectures of all subjects with details of Topics and Sub Topics. The details lecture schedule topics and sub topics will display to students/parent login and faculty login. You can also print test schedules for specified period. Faculty will update lecture schedule after the complete of lecture and same time automatically update in section of student/parent login. This is very useful module for management to manage lecture schedule.

Stock Management

This module introduces the Inventory and stock Management which keep you on top of all aspects of material management by ensuring that there is round the clock availability of sufficient stock This module introduces the Inventory and stock Management which help to manage stock. Stock management help your to manage product list, product wise added stock list with vendor details, product wise distribute stock list, overall stock report and purchase request with status. You can manage vendor details and attached bill at the time of add product.

ID Card Management

You can easily generate ID card of student and also know status of photo who has given photographs and who has not given. You can take print and also save in pdf format. You can also update status of ID card.

Why Choose Edutron

Advance Dashboard

Analytical dashboard, graphs, charts Along with advance system usage report keep things manageable with 100% efficiency.

User Friendly Interface

We provide user-friendly interface of our software that allow the users to handle it easily and conveniently.

Reduced Paperwork

Our management system helps the organizations in reducing their paper usage to a great & cost effective.

End to End Solution

We understand the necessity of the client and offers complete and comprehensive solution to our client to serve you best.

Data Security

We use strong encryption to protect data and information which enhances security level of the software.

Value for Money

We have multiple plans to fit in client budget. We promise for the best product at reasonable price.

Customization Ready

We provide customizable software which can easily adopt your changes and keeps you up-to-date for next generation.

Splendid Support

No project can work without training and support. we understand the importance and offers 24X7 support to serve you best.

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